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Fur Babies
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Zelda and Mario

Living the Cat's Life

Super Mario
Me relaxing as usual

Hey! It's me Mario Buddy Goku Gamecube. Brandon and Leah picked out the middle names! I used to be a stray kitty, but after I was found under my family's house, I had a home. They are really nice. I especially love the mice. My friend Zelda used to be really cute, but after a trip to the vet, she kinda started to look like any other kitty! I love to play with Frosty. I get to smack at him and the family thinks we're playing. I also love to lay in the window behind the couch and soak in the sun. Every once in a while I get to play in the back yard, but the people find me and I have to come back in.

Miss Zelda
Loving the feeling of this toy mouse!

Hello. I'm Zelda Louise Gamecube. I was adopted from a lady with a litter outside of Ralphs. I used to have another brother named Luigi, but he died. I have known many other animals in my life. They are all gone now, except the other animals on my website. Mario likes to attack me and lick me. So does Frosty. My favortie thing to do, other than eat my canned food, is play with my mice. I have let them all out to play, and I let Missy out twice. For some reason the humans like to keep them in the cage. I think they want to eat the mice, too. I am very sweet, too. I love to be mashy, especially when I'm hungry. I wish I could go outside. They won't let me. I think it's something about mean dogs. It's sure nice here, I just wish I had more freedom!

Check us out! We enjoy hanging out together. Life is good! The family lets us lay on their beds, in that big white machine with the warm clothes in it, on the couch, behind the couch in the sun. We hang out all the time together. And man, aren't we hot?!! We think so. No, we know so.

Both Gamecubes
Laying on Dorothy's bed