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Fur Babies
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Harley, Davidson, and Missy


My name is Missy. I am a pretty little girl mouse. I am white with brown patches. I have escaped twice because those stupid kitties let me out. I hid both times and luckily I was caught and put in my cage. My interests include running in my wheel and sleeping. I am quite talkative and I love when I'm up in my cage at night running around.

Group Picture Coming...

My name is Harley. I am a shy guy. I don't like to be held. In fact, we aren't sure I'm a boy. I like to run in my wheel. I have gone a whole day in the wheel without much of a break. I love to take care of my body! I have escaped, too, and I was caught behind the computer desk.


Hi, I'm Davidson. I am very hyper. I love to spend my nights chewing the bars on my cage and running in my wheel. I am easy to hold, but I don't like it. I have run away twice. The first time I was gone a whole week. I decided to come out and play on Thanksgiving. I was caught in the trash and put back in my cage. The other time was only for a minute. I am the noisiest mouse and I like to be that way at night when the people are asleep.