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Fur Babies
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Miss Sassy Pants- the Queen!

I am finally home! I got here May 5, 2004. I lived 2 hours away and my family came and picked me up! They didn't even care how far they had to drive! I am three pounds. I went to the doctor and he thinks I'm just great! My dogparent thinks I'm the size of a bunny. I was very feisty and sassy my first day. I wouldn't let Frosty play with me. I sure taught him manners real fast! I shocked my family because they didn't know I'd be so small and sassy! My owner says I have chihuahua complex.

sweetness in the garden
My official middle name is Sassy
Here I am with my two sisters. I am not sure which one I am, but I think I'm the one on the right. I was very young then!
I'm In There
Guess Which One I Am
I am so tiny I look like a stuffed animal. I absolutely love to play with my big bro Frosty, but he thinks I'm a stuffed toy, too. It's usually my fault because I like to make him play, even if it means biting at him. Sometimes I even have to steal toys from him to get him to notice me. And I always follow him everywhere he goes. He sure is fun.


My birthday is March 12, 2004. As you can tell, I'm still a tiny baby. I still need my sleep. I sleep many hours of the day. I like to be all of the places my people are when I sleep. I was put in the playpen the first two days I lived with my family, but I proved I was a real escape artist. I was so tiny I fit through the holes. Now I sleep in my person's bed!